Contributing Code

Thanks for your interest in contributing.

If you are PHP programmer and would like to contribute in core Pho stack, please see the Commons-PHP for the basics.

You can also help us by contributing to our language-specific bindings at pho-clients. To add support for a new language that does not exist in that list, please email us at x at phonetworks. For new features or bug reports with existing repos, please make a pull request.

Thank you. You can donate us using Bitcoin (BTC) --not bitcoin cash!--

Our bitcoin address: 1UJYZxr5KeairMDTCNajZPpw4Zj9Z4Nb2


Or ethers:

Our ethereum wallet address: 0x52711c85b2b86F25c76C82f6df48262A7559c1Ee





Any questions/comments? Please say below: